The Apple iPad Pro Review

Source: The Apple iPad Pro Review


Overall, the iPad Pro is an incredibly good tablet. I’ve always liked the idea of a tablet, but for the most part I’ve been deeply dissatisfied with the implementations of tablets. With the iPad Air 2 review I really emphasized how a proper keyboard and a good stylus would really make the user experience much more compelling, and with the iPad Pro we’re finally starting to see movement towards the tablet that I’ve always wanted. The iPad Pro is arguably the first tablet that I personally want to even consider buying. It isn’t perfect by any means, and there is still a lot of work to be done – seemingly fitting for a first-generation Apple device – but for the first time in a long time it feels like the broader tablet market is advancing once again. If you want a proper tablet that can replace pencil and paper with a keyboard for extended typing sessions, I have no problem recommending the iPad Pro. If you’re hoping for a laptop that can also double as a tablet, I suspect that the Surface Pro 4 will remain the right choice for you.

Bagi saya, tablet iOS dan Android masih belum bisa menggantikan fungsi ‘pro’ tablet Windows atau laptop OSX. Untuk kerja masih enak menggunakan OS Windows atau OSX di dekstop. Mungkin nanti suatu saat bisa menyamai atau melebihi, namun untuk saat ini tablet masih berfungsi untuk hiburan atau fungsi kreatif seperti sketsa/desain/menggambar.

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