Dimana Saja Termasuk di Medium

I only want to point to things that I think have a chance at existing years from now. And things that are reasonably unconflicted, where I feel I understand where the author is coming from. Neither of those criteria are met by posts on Medium. I also want to preserve the ability of developers to innovate in this area. If Medium sews up this media type, if they own it for all practical purposes, as Google owned RSS (until they dropped it), then you can’t move until they do. And companies with monopolies have no incentive to move forward, and therefore rarely do. Look at how slowly Twitter has improved their platform, and all the new features are for advertisers, not for writers. I suspect Medium will go down a similar path.

We can avoid this, it’s not too late. You have a choice. Post your writing to places other than Medium. And when you see something that’s interesting and not on Medium, give it some extra love. Push it to your friends. Like it on Facebook, RT it on Twitter. Give people more reasons to promote diversity on the web, not just in who we read, but who controls what we read.

Menurut saya, Medium bukan sekedar untuk mencari like dan recommend. Medium itu sebagai tempat yang paling mudah bagi seseorang untuk menulis. Mengatur layout, menambahkan gambar, format tulisan dan lainnya mudah dilakukan bagi orang awam.

Bagi orang yang sudah terbiasa dengan self-hoting WordPress pasti merasa tidak bebas di Medium. Seperti yang dikatakan “You have a choice”, dan pilihan orang yang paling mudah adalah menggunakan Medium.

You have a choice

Apapun itu media untuk menerbitkan tulisan, pasti semuanya berguna pada suatu orang, suatu waktu. Mau itu di post Medium, WordPress, Tumblr atau lainnya. Karena kita masih punya mbah Google.

Source: Anywhere but Medium

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