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The Google Pixel C Review

Source: The Google Pixel C Review AnandTech: Unfortunately, once you start looking at some of the other aspects of hardware and software, the problems with the Pixel C start appearing in great numbers. I’ve said this time and time again, but Android simply doesn’t offer

The Apple iPad Pro Review

Source: The Apple iPad Pro Review Anandtech: Overall, the iPad Pro is an incredibly good tablet. I’ve always liked the idea of a tablet, but for the most part I’ve been deeply dissatisfied with the implementations of tablets. With the iPad Air 2 review I

Dimana Saja Termasuk di Medium

I only want to point to things that I think have a chance at existing years from now. And things that are reasonably unconflicted, where I feel I understand where the author is coming from. Neither of those criteria are met by posts on Medium.

Mencoba Remix OS

Harus nya Google sudah lama membuat OS seperti ini untuk Chrome OS nya. Inilah OS Android yang benar-benar bisa digunakan di PC atau laptop. OS ini bernama Remix OS for PC

Moto 360, 5 Bulan Kemudian

Moto 360 sekarang sudah generasi kedua. Moto 360 saya merupakan generasi pertama yang ketika saya beli sudah pada harga terendah sejak ditawarkan pertama kali, yaitu $149. Setelah 5 bulan smartwatch ini saya pakai, bagaimana kondisinya sekarang?

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